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BlueBar 60

The BlueBar UV LED Lighting Series from Wildfire features eighteen 3W 400nm UV LED’s, universal voltage (120-277V/50-60Hz) input and polished Everbrite reflectors for improved versatility and performance. Like other 385-400nm LED black lighting products, BlueBar UV LED lighting is designed to work with visible fluorescent materials only.

The BlueBar 60 offers premium quality UV LEDs, which produce more UV output, resulting in a brighter effect. At 400nm, it outshines competing 400nm UV LED products. The polished Everbrite aluminum reflector with angled sides offers more reflective surface area, greater coverage, and maximum output. It’s tough UVT (UV-Transmitting) acrylic lens cover helps protect the LEDs from flying debris or careless technicians.

  • Eighteen 3W 400nm UV LED’s
  • Polished, Everbrite aluminum reflector
  • Tough UVT (UV-Transmitting) acrylic lens cover helps protect the LEDs
  • Thermally bonded heat sinks mounted just behind the LEDs
  • Heavy gauge rolled steel housing with stainless steel hardware
  • The fully adjustable L-brackets mean it can be mounted at any angle
  • Universal voltage power supply means you can plug it in anywhere
  • Six-foot power cord reduces need for extension cables